Flowers from the allotment
Hydrangeas - wonderful summer flowering shrubs

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day August 2012

While those in the US have been having major drought problems this year, here in Surrey, we've been having the opposite problem, with sooo much rain that the gardens, - even where they are on free draining chalk, are what you can describe as Lush.

We have now had some sunshine though, and August is great for bright colours

The pink Phlox and the sunny Helianthus came with the garden, and have been divided and multiplied to many places over the last 4 years. The Gladioli is the stand out bloom of the garden today, and the crocosmia that is behind it has never flowered as strongly before. The Dahlia is from a clients garden, and she lost hers when we had a severe winter a couple of year ago. - Looks like mine is now big enough to give some back.


That doesn't mean I havn't got any pale flowers blooming though.

The Hydrangea Annabelle is doing really well,  -So well it may have to be moved as it's now threatening to swamp an Acer.

The Eringium has seeded itself at the front of the border, - somthing that is going to have to be moved for next year, despite it looking fantastic, - oh well it will produce lots of seeds to start again with.

The Anemone, again from a client, is flowering earlier than normal, but holding up strongly next to the house, where more of the pink phlox, are already fading, although those in the back garden are just coming out.

I've also got Solidago (self seeded) Hostas, Penstemon Garnet, Geranium Rozane, Calendulas, Anthemis and Gaura in flower,  -plus Tomatos in the greenhouse.

Thanks as ever to Carol from May Dream Gardens, for getting together garden bloggers from all over the world to show off their blooms.



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Glads had fallen out of favor over here, but I grew 'Atom' this year and it may find a home with me in future seasons - love it!

Claire, Plantpassion

I agree, both Gladioli and Dahlias have been out of favour, and personally I don't like the pastel colours of either, but the strong bold colours really say summer to me now, and i'm loving having that burst of colour in the borders in summer

Scott Weber

Lovely...I wish my Eryngium would seed around!

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