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Border planting - garden border, or large container planting?

I often get called into a garden when my clients are part way through a project. Sometimes, they are stuck with what to do next. - This was the case earlier in the year, when I was asked to devise a border plan for a great decking project.

Slater prairie style-1

In creating a fantastic open space that came out from the patio doors, they had also fashioned a large drop into the rest of the garden. They needed a planting plan that ensured their shy but energetic toddler could be seen in all the garden, and wasn't tempted to launch herself off the edge of the decking onto the lawn.

Slater decking before-1-2

When we worked through my source folders, the likes kept coming back to a grasses and prarie styling.

The border had an open sunny aspect. We could also take control of the soil typle as it needed to be imported to fill the decking planter. This fitted really well with the list of wanted plants with Gaura, Rudbeckias, Stipa, Alliums and Red hot pokers being high on the list. Also with the amount of drainage we had from the decking container. We needed plants that could be a barrier, but allow a view through to the rest of the garden.

When first planted, the bulbs, perennials and grasses, looked rather small in the large planting border, which had taken tonnes of topsoil to fill.Slater newly planted-1
but 5 months later, and the planting has really filled out and grown up.

This large container, is now a complete border planting, complete with see through barrier properties, and fantastic flowers.

Slater September montage-1

Border or container - how would you classify it?




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I'm amazed you have achieved in 5 months. The large containers look stunning.


A really well structured and informative blog post. The flower beds you have created look great and I like the plants that you have planted.

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