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Seedy Penpals, - my first parcel

I've written before, about my seed addiction. How I love growing things on in my greenhouse, and seeing how they turn out (or don't) as plants.

So when I found out via Twitter about #Seedypenpals - A scheme to partner up complete strangers in different parts of the UK, - and get them to introduce themselves and send on an appropriate pack of seeds, I jumped at the chance.

I sent my pack of seeds on to Bethan - who is a beginner gardener and starting to organise a community garden at her London University. - I was not at all organised, so can't tell you what I sent, as I didn't make a list, - but it was salads and veg to get them started.

Then when I got back from Holiday, - I had a lovely pack from my Seedypenpal Jen, -

Seedypenpals parcel sep12-1

A handwritten card is very exciting in this day and age, - but when it contains handwritten envelopes with veg seed in them....  Anyway, these lovely packages were all autumn sowing vegetables, and although they were all things i've grown before, there were all new to me varieties.

Pak Choi Canton White, Broccoli Monaco, Cabbage (spring greens) Greensleeves,Rocket Pegasus, and Japanese Onion Hi Keeper.

They've all been sown in trays in my greenhouse and so far, i've already got rocket and Pak choi germinated, so i'm looking forward to plenty of Hungry gap crops next year.



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Claire Holgate

What a fantastic idea! I must take a look at this myself, sounds great. Thank you for sharing :)

Claire x

Claire, Plantpassion

It is a fantastic idea, - both Bethan and Jen said in their emails that they were worried about me being an experienced gardener, and that they wouldn't have appropriate things for me, but my parcel was fab, - and different things than I would have chosen for myself. - Highly recommended.

Mel (Edible Things)

Oh what a great parcel you got. I'm so glad that you got autumn sowing vegetables. I tried to do similar, but could not resist sending my family beans. I have no idea what variety they are, but they were given to me by my dad, and I have grown them successfully in 5 differnt gardens now.

Thanks for this lovely write up Claire, I'm so happy reading all about the various swaps

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