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RHS Shades of Autumn Show

Today I found myself, in the first week of halfterm, with an unexpected morning of childcare, and a few hours not assigned to a client garden.

So I jumped on a train up to London and took myself off to the Horticultural halls to the RHS's Shades of Autumn Show.

The hall was very colourful, with not only Autumnal shades of flowers and Foliage, but hangings decorating the hall.

I wrote about my visit to the February show with my son in tow, which I really enjoyed, but without him being there this morning, I could ask questions about the things that have been puzzling me this season.

I managed to talk to stall holders about Chrysanthemums (should have cut mine back in July, that's why they are long and leggy). Chillis, - apparently my fave Cherry Bomb isn't available any more as its been bought by monsato, - and I should leave the rest of them on the plant to ripen as they won't do as my tomatoes have done and go red on the window sill.

I also introduced myself to the Plantagogo Heuchera gang, who I know through Twitter, and discussed Vine weevil and how to get them to reroot if the little blighters have eaten the root ball off. Plus I had a lovely chat about Dahlias, which I think are my new favourite plant, and I think will definately be, if the advice I've been given gets my plants through the winter and flowering again next year.

A very successful morning and worth the hours spent playing Monopoly yesterday to get a while to myself.

The show is still on tomorrow (Wednesday) so if you're near Victoria or can spare a couple of hours to get there, it is well worth a visit

Border planting - Front garden Colour and shape

We went back to maintain a border yesterday, that was planted 2 years ago.


This border has been creating conversations and admiring comments from neighbours, which, let's face it, is what you want for a front garden border really. - it's a bit of a change from the weedy patch left over by the builders which I found 2 summers ago.

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