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I hope you had a great Christmas. I had a week in the Sun arriving back on Christmas eve, so my Festive meal had to be organised in advance. We had a neighbour collect the Turkey (thanks Michelle), Ocado left the groceries in the greenhouse ready for our return, and we went for a walk on Christmas morning to collect the brussel sprouts which we'd been growing on the allotment.

Brussel sprouts for christmas-2

We had to paddle through floods to get to our plot, but the brussel sprouts had survived our week away. The netting had kept off our larger invaders, and the slugs hadn't managed to spoil the tender centres of our great crop. - Even better we've got 3 plants left to harvest next week.


Our starter was accompanied by a lovely tray of salads picked from the greenhouse.

Christmas salad tray-2
Clockwise from the top - Coriander, Mibuna, Mizuna, Red mustard, Purple frills mustard, and winter density lettuce leaves. plus a bit of chervil (note to self, - plant in August not September next year!)

it's a tradition that I always have a tray of salad leaves home grown on Christmas day, (you can see my 2010 selection here)- For the last couple of years i've not bought any supermarket salad at all, - and this year i've even managed coriander to harvest all season long. A lot of mine is grown in pots in the greenhouse, but today I did a session at Grace and Flavour (our community garden) and I picked a large trug of outside grown salad leaves. Purslane, Chervil, (see they planted theirs early enough!) Mizuna, Mibuna and Mustard, were all growing happily and needing to be cropped even though we've had huge amounts of rain and frosty conditions in the last few weeks.

At a time of year when fresh vegetable are sometimes not quite as "fresh" as you'd like them to be, - home grown salad leaves are a present that all gardeners need to treat themselves to.



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That looks great - I've added your post's link to my December Salad Days round-up if that's OK

Happy New Year!

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