New Year, New Challenge - Cut flower farming here I come
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Breaking the ground - full day as a flower farmer

So, - i've got my field, and this summer, I want to be bringing you photos of beds and bunches of flowers, but where to begin?

In my own garden, I'm organic, and I really want this flower farm to be Chemical free. - That means that I won't be Glyphostating all the grass and weeds off.  So this weekend, the physical task of taking off the turf and adding lots of organic matter has started.

Organic compost pile at HTF-1
First thing this morning, there were 2 delivery drivers at the gate, - one with this load of 15 cubic metres of organic compost, and the other with our friend the turf cutter.

Yesterday, -we'd done a soil test, from 3 different parts of the field, - the pH is very neutral, an average of 7.1. This will be fantastic for most cut flowers, but won't let me grow ericaceous plants like Azaleas and Rhododendrons. We also orientated were we were going to have the first set of beds, - taking into account the slope of the land, - where the sun rises and sets, and the drainage and shadow.

The idea for the first of the beds (that are going to be for my over wintered hardy annuals) , is to take off the turf and then spread a good 10cm layer of the organic compost on top that i'll plant into.

First bed made at HTF-2

We'd dug the first metre of this bed by hand yesterday, to get an idea of the soil depth, structure and density. We were delighted with what we found.

Because we are really lucky to have a crumbly well drained soil, there is no clay pan, which would stop plant roots going down into the top soil, so i'm not even going to bother rotavating these beds.

By the end of the day, we'd managed 6, 10 metre by 1.2 metre beds, this picture was taken in the gloaming this afternoon. I'm hoping i'll have some cornflowers planted in these by the end of the weekend (suitably protected from Rabbits , pigeons, deer , slugs etc!)

Day 1 finished beds at HTF-3

now i'm off to put my feet up, - as we hope to do another 6 tomorrow.


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Cathi Burge

Congratulations! Sounds exciting but also alot of hard work. Look forward to the tour!

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