Surrey Hills cut flower farm - 2 weeks in.
Sweet pea sowing for summer scent

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 2013

It's freezing this morning. But so far this January, it's been mostly mild in Surrey. Which is why i'm rather ashamed at how little is flowering in my garden this month, and i've put a "must do better" note for next year.

Jan GBBD-1
There is also one lonely flower on my Kerria, - but my Sarcococca's have failed me this year.

so having read through some of the lovely blogs that have linked to May Dream Gardens who hosts this Garden Bloggers Bloom day each month, - i'm now longing for

Hammaemelis, More early primroses, Chanomeles (I took one out from this garden when I arrived), Viburnum and a Daphne, - i'm particularly envious of what Rosie in Scotland has in Bloom. My soil won't take Camellias, - but maybe for a pot?


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Rosie Perthshire Gardener and Photographer

Thank you so much Claire :) - my little flowers are going to get covered in snow within the next 24 hours. I've been out looking for snowdrops but my earliest flowering ones won't be out for at least another 2 weeks considering we're about to go into deep freeze mode up here in Scotland.


I treated myself to a witch hazel a couple of years ago and I havent regretted it. Lovely flowers and also autumn leaves, it you choose well.
All I would say about camellias in pots is becareful when its very cold that it doesnt freeze, my Mum lost one due to that when we had a very cold winter


Great pictures of some wonderful plants. I can really understand why this website is called "plantpassion". A really interesting post.

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