English flowers for Valentines, - in February!
Cut flowers and calamities - this week at Plantpassion

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day February 2013

February front border flowers-1
Everything that is flowering in my garden this Mid February morning is represented in this border.

The Snowdrops, Cyclamen Coum and the Hellebores are all looking lovely, but we could do with some warmer drier weather to enable me to pause for slightly longer when I get out of the car to look at them.

All round the Northern Hemisphere, there are lot of others having the same issues, - pop on over to May Dream Gardens to see the links to other GBBD posts.


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Nell Jean

A lovely preview of things to come. I would have on boots and a barn jacket and spend much time at this corner.


I am more inclined to stop and look flowers when the sun is shining! At least they are on view at the moment and not covered in snow.


A great blog. I enjoyed reading about the variety of different plants that are starting to bloom in your garden.

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