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Let Polytunnel growing commence

Narsissus fabruary gold-3
This weekend has been one of great leaps forward at Hill top farm, and i've still got today left to add to the success list.

My first yipee, was this modest bunch of February gold bunch of Narssisus. Small, but all grown by me at Hill top farm, so the first of my English grown flower harvests.

The next was that at the eleventh hour, my Polytunnel planning permission came through, - so we've spent the weekend erecting a 40ft Haygrove tunnel.

Day one was all about Metal work. - Which went together very easily, and just needed a Spanner and lots of fiddly finger work.

Day one polytunnel building-1

Day 2 was about the cover, - which we put over cushioning hotspot tape which protected the plastic from the metal. Yes we did have help for this bit, - our friends David and Dana Leigh arrived just at the right time.

Day 2 of polytunnel building-2

Clever clips and crocodile wire means that it is held into place with no nailing or splitting the cover, and meant that by early evening it was all up and water tight (or snow tight, as that  is snow on the picture! - 30th March!!!!!!!)

Yesterday, we put in my lovely potting benches, (including one at William's height, so that he can help me with planting up and sowing seeds) and tidied/ tightened up some of the clips.

So now I have 12m x 4m of insided growing space. - Sweet peas are first on my list, - what would you grow?

Finished polytunnel in the sun-4





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That's a very cheery first flower harvest - like sunshine in a jar (now if only we could buy sunshine by the jarfull...) Am really impressed at how quickly you got the polytunnel up, and it probably won't take you too much longer to have it filled with trays of seedlings - enjoy your new growing space!


How exciting Claire. We love our polytunnels. So invaluable for year round growing, getting things off to a good start and, with one that size, for letting you work in inclement weather.

I have a pdf download I wrote of winter veg to grow in the PT on the Seedy Penpals Resources page

I hope you have lots of fun time in your new PT.


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