Let Polytunnel growing commence
Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 2013

Sweet peas and summer flowers

I'll admit it, - i've got a bit of a sweet pea obsession going on at the moment.

I've grown them for years, but never had them at show standard by the time our local garden society show takes place in mid June. - This year, I want them flowering their socks off by June, and in large numbers, with long stems and beautiful scent, and all in a year when we've had January weather for the last 4 months!

Sweet peas planted in polytunnel-1
But, at least I've now got my Polytunnel, and as you can see, I've been quite busy the last couple of days.

The Sweet peas that I wrote about on my  blog at the end of January now have fantastic root systems and have been grown really hard, so will survive if the temperature falls again overnight this week. So they were all planted along the centre of the Polytunnel, with some very handy fencing for them to grow up.

i've already planted up most of the side border with some of the flowers i'm hoping will provide a mixture of early blooms in a range of colours. Cornflowers, Gypsophila, Larkspur, Calendula and a selection of herbs have been planted, and i've found a few ranunculus that were looking rather windswept, and i'm hoping they'll like the warmth of the tunnel.

The next big task for the Polytunnel is going to be potting up all my Dahlia Tubers.


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