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This weekend the 11th May, between 2 and 4 pm, i'll be at my local village hall helping my Garden Society raise funds by selling plants. - They'll be tea and cakes as well, plus the books and gadgets that tend to get swapped around at these do's. - I know it's not the only one happening locally, - and Twitter is full of planty people potting up, labelling up (4 pint plastic milk bottles cut up nicely into labels!) and sorting through excess seedlings, propagated plants, and layered shrubs.


So why should you go along to your local plant sale, (apart from the promise of cake!)

1) If plants have done well enough for your neighbours that they have seedlings or plants they can split, then they'll be likely to do well in your similar soil too

2) There are always people who've grown the plants for years and years, and can give amazing advice about what will work for you

3) You're supporting a local group, - my garden society plant sale is the main fundraiser for the year, and pays for the hall hire and some of our speakers.

4) There are always unusual gems, that are no longer for sale in most garden centres, or are "out of fashion" Snap these up and be ahead of the trend, - see what's happened to Dahlias and Chrysanths!

5) You can bag some bargains, The odd 50p or £1 will send you away with horticultural treasures to enjoy for this year and those to come.

If you're near to Horsley in Surrey, come along to the West Horsley Village Hall on Saturday afternoon, 2-4pm and say hi, - i've got veg plants, Astrantias, Achillea and Briza Maxima among others that i'm taking along. you can come in for 50p, or 3 plants! - and save room for the cake.

If your hosting or going to a Plant Sale this weekend, - add it in the comments, and lets get growing locally.


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Sue Wellman

Went to my local village plant sale here in The Lot SW France. Much more commercial with all the local growers plus animals for sale truffle dogs giving demonstrations and local craftsmen showing how they work. But still a good place to talk to several local growers who grow all the old varieties of herbs and vegetables which are so important for preserving bio diversity.
Sue in France

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