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Weeding large areas, The hoe is back in favour

Weeds, - the bane of every gardener. - All those plants in the wrong place, all those fast spreading seedlings that take over as soon as your back is turned......

Now i'm a great believer in plants in the right place, ground cover so that weeds can't get to the soil surface, And i'm a great fan of detailed hand weeding to ensure that roots are removed, and perennials are reduced, but there are 3 times when a sharp hoe, with a light root cutting technique wins every time.

Hoed borders-1
1) - in the year after creating a border, when weed seeds will have been brought to the surface by all the soil preparation and planting. - A good hoeing session will get rid of all the annual weeds before they've seeded. These borders were created last April. The plants are doing well, but havn't knitted together at full spread yet, so hoeing the annual seeds was a great way to clear the border. - Note, the Marestail coming through - Hoeing will have no effect on that.

2) - When you've got a dry flat area that is going to be used as a path - Like here Inside my Polytunnel. The borders were hand weeded, and a thick layer of Mulch/Organic compost put on them to plant into, - but the pathways have been hoed each week to keep weeds at bay

Polytunnel pathway-1
3) Between straight rows of Vegetables or flowers, - - straight, so that you can identify those which are weedlings and seedlings, Often, so that they don't get a chance to take over.


When Hoeing isn't such a good idea

When the soil is wet, -

When you've got plants close together,

When you'll be disturbing the soil surface and bringing up weed seeds to the light.

Here's to keeping those weeds under control this season. - Don't forget the saying 1 year of seeds is 7 years of weeds!


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