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This weekend, I returned to a garden which i've been helping develop borders in over the last year. - I'll be blogging about the borders over the coming weeks, as we're rather pleased with how they look at the moment, but today I wanted to show you that sometimes, doing nothing is better.

Osmanthus Burkwoodii no pruning-1
This Shrub / tree is Osmanthus, probably Burkwoodii, - I wish this blog had smellivision, as the scent from it was wonderful.

When I first visited this garden, it had regular work done on it, but unfortunately the gardeners were rather keen on pruning, and not so keen on removing ground elder and bindweed. This Osmanthus had been neatly clipped

Osmanthus burkwoodii before-2
As a result, there were hardly any flowers, - the flower buds had all been cut off. This year, - it hasn't been touched, at all, - and the results are rather spectacular. That's the kind of low maintenance gardening results I like.



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