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July 2013

Sunflowers Basking in the Sun

Ok, we've had a few showers now, but you have to admit, July has been wonderfully hot and sunny, and my Sunflowers have responded in kind.

Sunflowers of different colours-2
I had planned to have Sunflowers in every shade except Yellow, but the multi headed ones at the bottom are most definetely not Vanilla Ice, so I have every shade including Yellow.

Sunflower beds-1
i've got 5 beds of Sunflowers, and i've even managed to get a bit of succession, so that only the first 3 are flowering so far, and i've got Red and Bicolour flowers to come.

And in case I get complacent that i'm getting a bit good at this growing lark, My Aunt has sent me photos of her Bicolour Sunflowers growing in Tennessee USA which she planted after mine- they're only 65" tall


East Clandon in Bloom - Come and see the Plantpassion flower farm this weekend

I love having a nosy around other people's gardens. - Sometimes, i'm invited to as an advisor, and sometimes, I'm just visiting. Occasionally i'm just visiting and forget and start advising! (Sorry to those that applies to - force of habit) - This weekend, the boot is on the other foot, as i'm opening up my flower farm so others can come and have a look around. -Feedback, Advice and tips will be welcome.

I'm delighted to be invited to be part of the East Clandon in Bloom weekend, 20th and 21st July 2013

East Clandon in Bloom

look, there's me, top right of their flyer!

There are 7 gardens in the village, and a vineyard, and the Natural Burial Ground that I wrote about here also open, - so that's 10 gardens to nosy around for £7.50, and most of the weekend to do it (the gardens are open 11-5).

Luckily that gives me a few hours each morning, to pick water and weed!

Let me know if you're coming, - and if you'd like more details, the rest of the information is here

Biennial Planting - Sweet Williams

I'll admit it, I havn't used many Biennial's up to now,- they've always seemed too much faff, - not instant gratification like annuals, and no time after time like Perennials, but they are growing on me now, and these Dianthus Sweet Williams that I saw at Hampton Court last week really showed me how lovely they can be.

Sweet williams at HC 2013-1
The team at Jane Packer had created this fantastic diplay in the Rose marquee of shop fronts, which I would have missed if Rona @Flowerona hadn't told me to go back and search it out. The huge bunch of Sweet Williams in the 3rd picture was in the language of flowers marquee, and they represent Gallantry and mean "give me a smile" - Thank you Clipper tea for having an animatronic Teapot next to that marquee so that I could have a look round in peace while W was entertained.

So i'm planning for next year to have lots of mixed Sweet Williams on my field for June and early July. - These ones on the allotment didn't do too badly, But I need a few more than my row of 10 that I had this year as a swap with an allotment neighbour.

Sweet Williams at Allotment-2
The seeds are sown of a French variety, and already need pricking out. and i'll sow another batch this week. In the meantime of course it is the summer holidays, so I have another type of Sweet William to worry about.

My sweet william-3

Hampton Court 2013 preview, Summer flowers everywhere

After a picking and watering session this morning, I had a lovely afternoon at the Hampton Court Flower show Press day.

Hot, Hot, Hot is going to be the theme for the week at the largest of the RHS annual shows, - and it was appropriate that I was mainly looking for high summer flowers.

Last year, I noticed that Orange was much in evidence, and that colour theme has contined this year, - with the oranges being mixed in with almost every other colour palatte.

HC 2013 Eremurus -1
The Rose of the year for 2014, is also a peachy orange, Called Lady Marmelade, but i'm not sure with those wicked thorny stems it will be used for a cut flower. Lady of Shalot was another peachy orange Rose that was featured in several places.

HC 2013 Lady Marmelade rose-3
My Mum had sent me photos from her garden of a similar Rudbeckia to the Cherokee Sunset below. It does start flowering now, if you can get it to overwinter.

HC 2013 cut flower displays-2
The Allium (Passion), Sweet peas and Alstroemerias will all be on my shopping list for this Autumn.

It may be because I'm working more with Cut flowers now than last year, but I spotted Annuals, and cutting Biennials and Perennials everywhere in the Show gardens.

HC 2013 summer gardens-4
Achillea and Eryngiums are often on show at Hampton Court, - but I havn't seen Cerinthe used before, - like in the sunken garden, landscaped by local firm Bushy Business.

The Low cost Category was back again this year, and the gardens were again great, - in fact almost indistinguishable from the other "Summer " gardens.

HC 2013 orange gardens-5
I'm back at the show tomorrow, but with friends and my son, so it will be very interesting to look at things from other people's viewpoints.



July Flower colour at Hill Top Farm

We've fast forwarded to Summer over the last few weeks, and Boy is it showing in the borders at Hill top farm.

Sweetpea colours-2
The Sweet peas inside and outside are in full bloom, and i'm having trouble keeping up with the picking.

and now the field borders are also full of flowers. I'm rather pround of the Cerinthe, - which the bees are loving, - all grown from home collected seed.

I may have overdone is with the Cornflowers, - there are Black Ball, and Blue, and pink and white.

No-one has told the Dahlias that they're not meant to flower until August. What to do? - Disbud, or just let them flower and pick them.

I do love the colour of the Salvia, and the Ammi is beautifully strong, now if I can just keep the blackfly off.

Dahlia colour-1
and then this afternoon, I had a last minute order, - could I do a Posy for a dinner party this evening?

Posy with cerinthe-2
No problem.