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August 2013

Visitors at the Plantpassion Flower farm

This week, i've had lots of visitors come and see me while i've been working, - and it's always lovely to show people round, and hear their compliments about what they like, and how much work has been put in.

This week started with a visit from the Chair of the organising committee for the East Clandon in Bloom team, with a thank you letter to let me know that there had been 500 visitors over the 2 days, and 90 for the Saturday night concert. That means that FROST, have raised a wonderful total towards the funding of the Village Church, and that there were a huge number of satisfied garden visitors.

Then I had a visit from Jane Rickard. She is a member of the West Horsley Flower club, and is doing the floristry demonstrations at the West Horsley Fete on the 7th September, - with some of my flowers.

This was one of her creations with some of the blooms I gave her.

Jane practice flower creation for fete-1
If you want to win a creation like this, - you'll have to come along to the Fete, in the grounds of Dene Place in Ripley Lane, on the 7th September.

Then this morning I had a visit from Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona. I met Rona several years ago, and was impressed with the floral displays she used to decorate a launch party I went to. I've been following her blog Flowerona since it started, and she's a great user of social media to promote flowers in general. It was through her blog, that I found out about Flowers from the farm, and through that I found the courses I went on last Autumn about growing flowers, and the rest, as they say is History.

Rona photograping Ammi-1
Although Rona's main aim of the morning was to take some pictures of my flowers, we did end up Chinwagging for rather a long time.

I'm so grateful to Rona for all her sound advice, ideas, and to do list, - i've come home very inspired, planted lots of seeds and taken cuttings, - changed my outdated telephone message, updated my Instagram programs and profile, written a list of things I need to change on my website, and started planning a florists open day.

Rona vist flowers-1

I was rather chuffed that I managed to present her with some scented flowers that she didn't know (Acidanthera), Appropriate as they are a cousin of the Gladioli that she had written about on her blog this morning.  I'm even more pleased that she's featuring our Plantpassion interview on Flowerona, - hopefully it will be live at the beginning of next week. She has a whole section about #britishflower growers which is well worth a read.

First farmers market a success, Surrey loves #Britishflowers

Ripley farmers market Aug 13-1
After a holiday break in France, I got back on Friday, just in time to do a massive picking session, so that I had plenty to sell at Yesterday's Ripley Farmers Market.


It was the first farmers market that i've done. A couple of school fete's have given me some starting points, but I chose a slightly quieter than normal summer market in the local village of Ripley to get me started on the bringing #Britishflowers to the Surrey public.

I remembered to take this photo, as I was setting up, of the range of flowers I had for this month.

The bunches of Sunflowers, Cosmos, Dahlias and Gladioli were the favourites, but my table top arrangements sold well, and I made up bouquets to show off some of the lovely flowers I didn't have quite so many of.

I'm booked to do the next 2 as well on Saturday 14th September, and the 12th October, so if you want bunches of seasonal flowers, please stop by and say hi.