Visitors at the Plantpassion Flower farm
Wisley Flower show - braving the crowds for the sake of some plants.

French Cut Flower inspiration.

I'm lucky enough to spend my family summer holidays across the Channel in France. The Sandy beaches, History of the Normandy coast, and the excellent food, are obviously a major draw (and the mini golf, my son would say) - But each summer, I love exploring the municipal gardens of my local tourist towns, to see what goodies they've come up with this year.

Grand Hotel gardens, Red and Lime green (1 of 1)
The Seaside resort of Cabourg, always has a fantastic show on the borders of the park in front of the Grand Hotel. They're not afraid of using colour. - This year their colour theme was Red and Lime Green.

My camera, didn't really like the contrast, but during the sunny days of July and August this year, the Red and Lime green Nicotiana, plus red and orange Zinnias, have Shone.

In milder colour tones, at the other end of the town, the park beds were using an array of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

French white and blue border (1 of 1)

This bed had Scabious the wildlife was loving, as well as Clary Sage, Blue Star Laurentia, and scented Nicotiana in a great shade of purple.

French border with zinnias and purple kale (1 of 1)

I don't know how they got this Kale looking so good, but the Purple crinkled foliage showed up the dark Scabious and the very pink Zinnias brilliantly in this bed.

French pink border with Agastache (1 of 1)

This bed had bright pink cosmos, Anthirrinums, and Agastache, and was framed by bright orange Crocosmia, - normally Pink and orange wouldn't be anywhere near each other in my designs, but this worked well.

French borders with dill (1 of 1)

The Dill in these beds is now about 6 foot tall and looking amazing. The only downside to me, was that I kept wanting to pick the flowers and take them back for the vase.

Have you got municipal plantings near you that Inspire?


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