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Wisley Flower show - braving the crowds for the sake of some plants.

Yesterday morning, bright and early, straight after the start of the school term drop off, I met up with my garden designer friend Lisa Cox at Wisley.

By the time we'd got our coffees at ten to nine, we needed to join the back of an already expanding queue of keen flower show enthusiasts.

Pink pompom dahlias (1 of 1)The Wisley Flower show is now 5 days long, - so you've got until Sunday to go and see

  • The Fabulous Dahlia displays,
  • To plant shop to your heart's content,
  • and look at the Nafas floral displays in the glasshouse (more about them tomorrow)

I was there to see if I could find some unusual beauties to add to my flower farm (or garden, or both) and I have to confess to coming away with a full truck and an empty pocket.

Princess Kate Clematis (1 of 1)

Although I'll admit to being a tad dissapointed at finding Some very bought in plants on display yesterday, (I hastely put down a Hypericum I was interested in when I saw the dutch market lablel)- most of the Nursery stalls are run by growing enthusiasts, who can tell you loads about what they have, where they can grow, and which is the best for you.

Floyds Climbers and Clematis were are great example of that, - The Princess Kate Viticella Clematis (pictured above) was the centre of attention, but he talked me through new Passionflowers - (I bought one called Silly Cow), - and suitable climbers for cutting, and suggested further sources for information to research. - They've got an open day on the 14th & 15th of September if you're near Lackham College.

I also invested in some rather lovely Salvias, - Late season colour is always important, and i've got blue's so I thought this Peach Parfait would go rather well too.

Peach coloured Salvia (1 of 1)

and of course Being September, there were bulb companies showing off their wares. I'll be looking for some of these in the coming season.

Purple gladioli (1 of 1)

The weather is great for walking in the gardens too, so i'm sure that Wisley will be extremely busy this whole weekend. - If you want to be inspired by flowers, then do go along early, - otherwise, my advice is to avoid the whole area.



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