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October 2013

Change of season at the Flower farm

It's the end of a season at this Surrey Flower farm. We havn't yet had a frost, - it's the 21st of October, and there isn't one forecast at the moment for the rest of the week, but the rain has started to beat down some of the flowers that up until a couple of weeks ago had still been fantastic.

October field (1 of 1)

In the background of the picture, the Cosmos, Rudbeckias and Dahlias are all in colour, - but the front is where the season change is most obvious. - Under those nets, are Sweet Williams, Honesty, Hesperis and Wallflowers all tucked in for early flowering next year.

Just out of sight, are the 2 beds of Bulbs. - Over 600 Scented Narsissus, and Alliums were planted at the weekend, to join the hundreds from last year. Next Month, a 1000 Tulips will join them.

But it isn't all over for the year.

Nerine and chrysanth bunch (1 of 1)

The candy pink of the Nerine's is shining out in my Polytunnel, and every day more Chrysanthemums colour up to join them. - This week's star is the green Froggy.

As the clocks change next week, i'm looking forward to less early morning picking, but there will still be plenty of planting to do, and the weeding........ 

October flowers at Hill top farm

We may be past the Equinox, but the warm temperatures have meant that there are still loads of flowers at Hill top farm, and although i've been too busy planting, picking and making them into beautiful bunches to take photos, I'm lucky enough to have a local photographer Emma Davies, who has fallen in love with my flowers and is taking wonderful pictures for me. - Here are some of the colours of Autumn still coming through on my hill.