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Creating your cutting patch workshop - In the sunshine

I'm just about to go and deliver to the cafe's, - it's Snowflakes (Leucojum) this week, - but I thought i'd do a quick review of Wednesday's cutting patch workshop.

We started in the barn with coffee, and a demonstration of the types of foliage and flower shapes you need to grow to make a full bouquet, rather than just a few flowers for the vase. Then we made best use of the sunshine for a tour of the farm to see what we've already got flowering and growing.


Cuttingpatchworkshop herbs (1 of 1)

Here's me waxing lyrical about the need for mint for scent, and showing how I grow my 9 varieties in raised beds. (thanks Paula for the pic)

Then after more coffee (or mint tea) we warmed up in Polytunnel, with a demonstration of seed sowing, taking cuttings (Dianthus green trick and Chrysanthemums) and potting up dahlias.

Everyone then had an opportunity to choose their favourite seeds and sow them to start their own patch.


Cuttingpatchworkshop (1 of 1)

If you'd like to have a go at growing your own, - or picking your own cut flowers, - pop on over to my workshops page, and maybe i'll see you at Hilltop farm later in the year


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