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Tulip time at Hill top Farm

It's the 14th April, and after a really late spring last year, this year the weather is full pelt to summer. The Tulips have fast forwarded out of hibernation, and those that were flowering mid May in 2013, are already out in all their glory.

This was how the field looked today

Tulips on the field

I picked lots and lots of them this evening, because unfortunately if I don't they might not be there by morning. - The Deer are on the war path again.

Tulips eaten by deer

The early season varieties of Apricot delight and Purissima, Usually my star turns in the first couple of weeks of April are already over, - instead we are now at the Mid season colour show, and racing towards the May flowerers by the end of the week.


from top to bottom (Left to right)

Orange Parrot, Mount Tacoma, Ballerina, White Triumphator, Shirley, Recreado.



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