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May 2014

May showers and lots of flowers

It's been a busy few weeks. - You'd have thought with less gardens to visit, that i'd have more time for blogging, keeping up with emails and clearing my desk. It hasn't worked like that, but I have got lots of things planted, and an amazing amount of flowers picked.

We've been showing off the flowers at Farmers markets, School fairs, and in plenty of bouquets.

Farmers markets and fairs may 14-2

the Ranunculus and Anemones have been been fantastic, but now we're also on to Cornflowers, Alliums, Salvia, Sweet peas, and the wonderful Sweet Williams.

May flowers 14-1

Plus the first of the Roses are appearing. - (there's a vase of them on my Sideboard, - I love leftovers).

The overnight showers have been great for watering in the newly planted cosmos, Sunflowers, amaranthus and lots of others. The Dahlias will go in this week.

We're into Wedding season now, and Hill top farm was Floristry central on Friday. Paula and I were both busy making lovely arrangements, and they'll be lots of photos over the next week, but for now, if you havn't been to see Plantpassion recently, then get the following dates in your diary.

Pick your own Posy 4th June - Come and choose the best of the field, and learn how to put them together. - Coffee and cake, and take home your creation.

Open Afternoon - Sunday 8th June 1.00pm- 5.00pm - tea and cake and a tour of the field, plus sweet peas to buy.

The gate closes - Next Steps for Plantpassion

The gate closes (1 of 1)

Yesterday, I resigned from my last regular garden maintenance client. This is the gate to a lovely garden, and I've closed it from my last monthly visit.

I've really enjoyed working here, watching the garden grow and develop, but now it is time to devote all my energies into gardening and farming at Hill top farm for the summer.

It's a little scary, - for the first time in 8 years, I won't have a regular standing order popping into my account in return for my day of gardening. Over the last 18 months, i've gradually stopped doing all the regular gardening visits. - A lot of them were gardens that i've been working in for 8 years. For people who i've got to know and like. I've seen their children grow up, play frames, cricket nets and trampolines take pride of place, and then a space in the corner. They've brought me coffee (black, no sugar) and even made me biscuits and lunch on occasion. But now it's time to work on my own maintenance, to make sure that it's the flowers and shrubs at Hill top farm that get my undivided attention.- I'm looking forward to it.