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What's a Bouquet? The difference between bunches, posies and bouquets.

I had lots of visitors to my open afternoon yesterday. - The sun shone, the Elderflower cordial was well received, and I was asked lots of questions as I showed people round my field. - One from a young gentleman who was being very polite, even though I could see that he didn't relish walking round a flower field with his mum was

"What's a Bouquet?"

it's one of those terms which i've been using for the last 18 months thinking that it was something that everyone would know, - but several other people have since said that they weren't sure either, so here are some photographic examples of definitions of Bunches,  Bouquets, and Posies

Bunch of sweet peas (1 of 1)

These are a Bunch of Sweet peas. - A number of stems, of all the same variety of flower.

Bunches of flowers, particularly if it's what is currently numerous and in season, are the cheapest way to brighten up your room. I'll be selling bunches of Cornflowers, Sweet Williams, Sweet Peas and Nigella at the Ripley Farmers Market this weekend.

The number of stems in the bunch depends on the size of the flower, and the expense/ rarity of the variety of the bloom. Often it's between 3 and 10 stems in a bunch. At summer farmers markets, I sell bunches of flowers from £3 - £10. These were the bunches that we put together to form a DIY bucket

Bunches of flowers (1 of 1)

Bouquets are a mixture of flowers and foliage, put together in a special way with colour coordination and skill to form a display in both the packaging and the vase.

Bouquet at pick your own course (1 of 1)

This was a bouquet created by one of the participants on my "pick your own" workshop.- There are several methods for making bouquets, but we tend to use the "sieve" method to create "handtied" bouquets - here's an example of what that means when we package it up to deliver.

Handtied bouquet for valentines (1 of 1)

The stems splay out, and they can be cut to the same length so that they can stand up. They are all tied together to be presented, rather than being arranged into a vase or jug.

Bouquets take more stems of flowers, and some skill to put together. - We sell them at £35, or £47 for Luxury bouquets, - usually when we put in expensive flowers like Roses.

Luxury bouquet (1 of 1)

(luxury bouquet with Munstead wood Rose, Preference Dahlias and Cleome)

We also Sell Posies. - These are basically smaller / shorter bouquets.

Because we can use shorter stems, we can make use of both flowers and foliage that we are unable to sell to Florists. This means we can pass on the savings to you, and provide you with glorious mixtures of flowers, often that you can't get elsewhere.

This can be anything from our mini milk bottle posies,- which are excellent for table centres at parties and weddings at £8 each

Mini bottle posies (1 of 1)

to our £25 posies, - which can be sent to friends or family anywhere in our delivery area (or given to yourself as a present of course)

Wrapped posy (1 of 1)

Thank you for asking the question, - and I hope that's answered it.

I'm happy to take orders for Posies or Bouquets by email - [email protected], phone or text -  07813 456865, and see you on the second Saturday of the month at Ripley Farmers market for Seasonal, Scented and Sustainable Bunches and Bouquets.



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