Plantpassion Flowers at Hampton Court Palace Flower show
Great new cut flower varieties at the Thompson and Morgan Trials field.

Flower photography workshop at Hill top farm

After a couple of manically busy weeks, and a few days away leaving Paula in charge (during which time she managed flowers for 3 weddings, and 2 florists and lots of bouquet orders - Thanks) i've indulged myself this week, with a couple of day trips.

The first on Monday was with the Farm as the venue, but William and I took part in Emma Davies Flower photography workshop.

When Emma held her 1st workshop of the year, back at the beginning of June, - I was planting frantically, so couldn't join in, but I promised myself that this time, i'd have a go, and William my 10 year old was keen to join in too.

William taking photos (1 of 1)

we started the morning learning about light. - This involved looking at the shadows on wooden eggs, and then we moved on to light needed for taking photos of objects and flowers.

Everyone had different cameras, and was at different levels, but Emma took that in her stride, helped us all work out how to get the right settings for what we were trying to take pictures of, and before lunch we were all sent out to try her 7 "better photo techniques"

Gladiolus white-1

(photo credit William Brown)

This involved us moving round flowers to find their best side. Getting down low as well as taking pictures from standing height. - Looking for leading "paths", - using the rule of 3rds, & focusing on one key flower.

Polytunnel leading eye (1 of 1)

(Photo credit William Brown)

After a soup / sandwich lunch at Quaich in Horsley, we were ready to turn a bit more technical, and Emma encouraged us to "get off auto" - With the help of some lovely old props, we learnt about Apertures, and F- numbers. How to Blur backgrounds, how to work with wind, fast moving objects and low light levels, and then we were off to practice again.

Blurred background example-1

There was plenty of wildlife just waiting to be captured on "film" (I know we were all using digital, so not quite) and William loved this bee, while it was loving the Artichoke.

Billy bee on Cynara buzzing (1 of 1)

(Photo credit William Brown)

and I found a another who was finding the Hyssop tasty.

Bee on blue herb (1 of 1)

Then we finished up with some staged shoots in the polytunnel - brilliant for its diffused light.


Staged shoot in polytunnel (1 of 1)

By this stage, William had wandered off, but when we downloaded the photos in the evening, in addition to the flowers, - there were quite a few staged "lego" shots!

A fantastic day was had by all, It was lovely to Meet Clare, Janet and Suzanne, -thank you all for indulging and encouraging William. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of our first "homework" in the Facebook group for workshop "graduates".



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jane Scorer

Good to meet you yesterday at the T & M plants and cake fest !
I bet you had a fantastic day learning how to take flower shots, and all skills and information which will, I'm sure. be so useful. It is something I keep meaning to organise and never quite getting round to ...

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