Great new cut flower varieties at the Thompson and Morgan Trials field.
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Seasonal Flowers - August 14th 2014

It's a Thursday. - i've picked flowers today, i've sold flowers, and i've finished all the flower field jobs on my list. - I've also had time to do something i've been saying i'm going to do for weeks, - i've made an arrangement for the Seasonal Flower alliance and i've got 17 minutes to get it posted on the blog before dinner!.

Seasonal flower alliance aug14 (1 of 1)

I'm not one to have girly crushes, (obviously Kylie, that goes without saying) - But for the last 18 months, i've been hanging on every word and photo of Erin Benzakin at Floret Flower farm.

Erin is a Flower farmer in the USA, in the Skagit Valley, and I think she's (to drop my Surrey with a touch of South London accent and change to an American twang) Really Awesome.

I've loved reading about the flowers that she's growing, and seeing the displays she creates, and each week she takes time out to do a floral display and invites others to show what's blooming in their corner of the world. So although my creation isn't quite up to her standards, I wanted to show what's in season on the slopes of the North Downs in Surrey.

Pink Gladioli (unknown variety, a gift from my father in law) Nicotiana Lime Green, Dill, Feverfew, Zinnia Purple Prince, Dahlia Evelyne and Tu Tu, Daucus Dara, and Cosmos Versaille mix.

And just to show how much I love her photos of big bundles of flowers being harvested by Erin and the team, - here's my Hommage to Floret

Large bundle of Gyp (1 of 1)

(Photo credit Emma Davies)



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