3 years at the allotment
DIY Wedding flowers - Table arrangements with scent and style

Last Open day of the season this Sunday 21st

This week started off with more florists and flower lovers using my field for Floral Photography at another Emma Davies Workshop.

Emma was teaching them close up techniques and blurring the background of their shots, which is just as well, as I do have a working flower field that is full of weeds, netting, canes and plant supports.

Dahlia preference (1 of 1)

(Image Vanessa Birley Florals)


- However at the end of the week, i've got a photographer coming from a local magazine to take shots for a feature next year. They want field shots, and plenty of colour.

I'm often asked, "have you got lots flowering at the moment" and the answer is of course, -

just enough for my orders this week.-

If there are borders and borders of plants in full bloom, then yes it would look lovely for this week,  but that would mean I had grown too much and weren't selling them.I really need to cut them as soon as they come into bloom.

And when I concentrate on cutting and selling the flowers, and planting and planning next year's ones, and keeping everything watered, I have to admit to letting the weeding and edging slip a little, - well all gardeners will be able to relate to that one........

So with a photographer planning to take wider shots of the field, i'd better do some clearing up of the netting, canes, weeds, water butts, and hoses, and get feeding, watering and deadheading so there are as many beautiful blooms as possible. - Please make it worth all the extra work by coming along to see my tidy floriferous field on Sunday afternoon - a souped up version of this.

Field view 16th sep (1 of 1)

I'll be there with Tea and Cake from 1.00pm - 5.00pm, this Sunday 21st September

Address details - Hill top farm, Staple Lane, East Clandon, Surrey, GU4 7FP

From the main A246 road between Guildford and Leatherhead, turn up the hill opposite the entrance to East Clandon Village (Signposted Shere 3) we are 250m up the road on the left hand side.


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Catharine Howard

Would dearly like to take part in such a workshop. First I need that better camera and second be on the ball about dates. Hope it went well.

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