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Operation - keep out the wildlife

I'm a great lover of The Natural world. - I don't use chemicals, and i'm a great beleiver in "live and let live" - except that this year the wildlife on my Hill top have been taking the micky, and my kind and sharing nature has been taken advantage of.

So this weekend Team Plantpassion got out there, before the rain, and put up some deer and rabbit fencing.

Fence erecting oct 14 (1 of 1)

I'm hoping that the hard work Hubby, Mum and Dad, Son and I put in this weekend, will pay dividends and that in 2015 I won't get to work to find whole beds of Sweet peas, Ranunculus or Asters blooms eaten overnight. That when I plant Ammi or Dill or Cornflowers, they might not get dug up and strewn around the second I turn my back, and that my Nigella will make it to full height and won't be grazed. Of course i'll still have to worry about the slugs in the Polytunnel, the mice eating my anemones, the squirrels digging up my bulbs, and the earwigs on the Dahlias, - but.......


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Elaine Evans

I hope it works, so sad to see all your hard work being eaten! Spotted a letter in a magazine giving a recipe for killing slugs, you take 4 garlic bulbs, break them up, boil them and then mash them. Use the liquid to spray on plants, apparently slugs hate garlic! No idea if it works but I'm going tomgive it try. For your plants it will take quite a lot of garlic bulbs but if it works you could grow your own and go into the production of slug repellent!!!!!!

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