What's happening at Hill top farm - March update
An Abundance of Tulips for Sunday open afternoon

My Flower of the month for March - Anemone

As we finish March and move into April, I have to show you my flower of the month.

At a time of year, where the field is waking up, but there aren't huge amounts of blooms on show, - The Anemone has been an amazing flower to add to my collection.

White Galilee anemones

I've grow Anemone de Caen, and named varieties such as Mr Fokker (Blue) Bicolour (Red and white) and The Bride (White) for the last couple of years, but this year I was lucky enough to add to my collection some White Anemone Galilee, and some coloured Meron varieties.

The White ones are being grown in the polytunnel, and have been getting to an amazing length, with some up to 50cm tall. The coloured ones, which have been grown under fleece on the field all winter, have now been uncovered, and although they aren't quite as tall, the colours are great.

Anemone montage

While Red and Pink are amazing for making a bright bouquet zing, - I have to admit to this Bordeaux being my personal favourite.

Bordeaux anemones-1

I'm sure this is almost as close as you can get in a flower to the current Pantone colour of the year - Marsala (18-1438)

Last week, We had the first of this year's photo shoot collaborations, with Paula, using just my flowers, and Emma doing the fantastic pics, to produce this rather gorgeous creation, with Anemones in pride of place.

Anemone Bouquet

Here's the Galilee Anemone showing it's full depth

Anemone detail in  Bouquet

For those who like to know all the ingredients available in March in Surrey. - This bouquet also contained - Hellebore Foetidus, Hellebore Orientalis, Leujojum, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Senicio, Twisted Willow, Hyacinths & Tulip Super Parrot

Anemone bouquet montage



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Jane Miles

Hi Claire, I love anemones but haven't had much luck growing them in my raised beds. I've got Bordeaux, which is my favourite too, but am getting very few flowers and those that have come up this year have been riddled with greenfly which has stopped the flower opening properly. I planted some Mr Fokker and The Bride too but Mr Fokker didn't come up at all and had very few flowers from The Bride. Is it underwatering, do you think? They are just in a raised bed with no cover.

Thanks, Jane

Claire, Plantpassino

Hi Jane, - Those that didn't come up were probably victims of a mouse or vole. - Anemones and ranunculus are their favourite winter time snack. - I have to set lots of traps when I plant mine, and then I always plant extra in pots to fill in holes. Those I planted on the field were covered in fleece during the worst of the winter, - and I didn't water mine at all, - so unless your soil was dry to start off with, it probably wouldn't be that, although pest and disease will become more prevalent if the soil is dry. Try hosing off the greenfly with a high pressure blast of water. - it won't effect emerging buds.

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