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Social media for Flowery people - Does it work?

i've been Blogging since 2008, Tweeting since 2009, Facebooking for the last 4 years, and i'm a newcomer to Instagram with just 2 and a half years worth of photos posted there.

Why do i do it?

Well apart from the fact that I love keeping in contact with all kinds of flowery people all over the world, and that I get my news from Social Media rather than the biased and outdated British Press.

It works for my business.

Dahlia dark spirit-1

I guess that i'm lucky, in that i'm a lady of a certain age. Although i grew up with Computers, and my parents were "with it" enough for us to have a Sinclair spectrum, and later a first Mac, I never had to go through a teen age with Selfies all over the net. My drunken stumblings back to my university digs were before digital cameras, let alone phone cameras. So my use of Social media has all been to promote my love of all things gardening, and for the last few years, my growing of cut flowers.

I was lucky enough to have mentors in the early days of S.M. They told me to be myself, and to make sure that i was interesting, and that people would pay attention.

They were right. If i'm interested, then i become interesting. Because i use Social media to find new suppliers, new varieties, new contacts, News, then what I have to say becomes valuable for others.

2 years ago I started offering Social media workshops, at the time, the Question that i was asking was

"Can Social Media make you a  better "Gardener / Flower Grower/ Florist / Garden Designer"

My thoughts were that

Gardening can be an occupation that you do alone, Gardens, Greenhouses, Polytunnels aren't lonely but they're not normally a place for a crowd. Florists may be tucked in a workshop, Designers stuck to their drawing board, but with the world of Social media, you can reach out and find inspiration, discuss, debate and join in with your opinions. You can share experiments and see others successes, and also mistakes and mishaps to prevent you doing it yourself.

There are also a host of interesting suppliers out there, - and for flowery people, there's nothing like getting recommendations about the best variety, the longest lasting flower, the strongest growing plant, the best quality service in getting orders to you.

I still think that all those things apply, - and Social Media can make you better informed and inspired about your chosen subject.

But the Internet has moved on a lot in the last 2 years.

Everything is now more visual.

Instagram photos

There are new Social Media Platforms, and in a competitive market will they all stay free to use, or how will your content be seen among the paid for entries?.

My Question is Does it Work?, and I believe the answer is YES, - but only if you keep up with the changes and realises what those searching want.

I'm not a Marketer, but I know that my "customers" who read all my social media feeds want information, beautiful pictures of flowers and advice about how they can replicate what i do.

In return, they interact with me, they buy from me, and they recommend me to others. Because they do this, the search engines see that i'm someone who's listened to, and they boost me up their rankings. This means that more people can find me to interact with me, and buy from me.

I don't just use Social Media to market my business, but does it work for me? - YES Can it work for you? YES

Want help knowing how to get yourself on Social Media? Or want help getting results for the work you put in?- My next workshop is on the 30th November in Surrey.



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Victoria at Willow Green Nursery

I spent all of one evening working my way through your blog and was absolutely fascinated by your journey. I love all the really useful tips and suggestions-from-experience too. And the photos are great. (What camera/lens do you use?)

I'd say you'd really made social media work for you and - from your invaluable tips on the Flowers From the Farm network ( - that you're certainly able to teach others how to do so too!

Hope the workshop goes really well - I'd recommend anyone reading this within travelling distance of Surrey to sign up immediately!

Claire, Plantpassion

Hi Victoria, thanks for a lovely comment. I use a bottom of the range DLSR camera, a Nikon D3100 (just upgraded from a D50) and mostly my zoom lens, although i'm starting to play with a macro lens. My biggest plus though is that i have had wonderful tuition from Emma Davies, which has really helped me take pictures of the right things in the right light. I hope your Flower growing journey goes well.

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