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Should you DIY your wedding flowers?

Seasonal Flowers for all year round.

There are always flowers for those that want to see them - Henri Matisse

A year of flowers

I just want to say, right here at the beginning, that i'm not against imports....

Our Island can't grow all the things that we want all year round.

I love avocados, the occasional mango, and a Christmas tub of pecan nuts, and none of them grow here, - but you won't find me buying Strawberries outside of the summer months, Asparagus is a May/ June treat, Beans are just for August and September, and Apples will be soft and squidgy after February.

In exactly the same way that British Food is available all year round, Just not everything, every month. There are British Flowers available all year round.

If you want seasonal flowers, you have to be aware that you need to want what's available at that time - whatever that is.

If you want a particular flower for your special occasion, you have to either

a) have your special occasion at the right time for that flower


b) use an imported flower

Want to know when the right time of year is for your special occasion flower?

email me -

or follow my instagram , facebook and pinterest feeds to see what's in season all year round


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Good points!

I am currently working on a table of which British grown flowers are available in which month. I am about to add photos of each species, so it may take some time to complete, but I think it will be a big help for brides (and for me!). I don't aim to put every last species in or the size would be unmanageable. Maybe I could send it to you and you could tell me if I have omitted any that you have found that brides ask for?


Emma Sousa

Short, sweet and oh so true..great blog Claire....I'm re-posting.....


Great photos and I know how much work has gone into producing those sumptuous flowers. It's all about education isn't it? We learnt to grow veggies seasonally ourselves and now it's the turn of the seasonal flower!

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