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March Anemones, and the season rolling on

Wow, where did the last couple of weeks go?

Bicolour anemone-1

It seems only yesterday that it was Valentine's and Mothering Sunday (they rolled into one, being only 3 weeks apart this year) Yellow Daffodils
 and now Easter is upon us, and the boy breaks up from school for Easter Hols on Thursday Lunchtime.

But so much has happened,  - where to start to tell you.

The field is starting to look beautiful, - there are splashes of colour, from the daffodils, - above is Golden Ducat on the field, then there have been Soleil D'or and Bridal crown in the polytunnel, scenting it beautifully (most now used up)

Bridal cheer narsissus

and the Hyacinths, while not quite the Apricot colour that i had envisiged them being, have been lovely in posies (and the bees have appreciated them)

Bee enjoying a hyacinth

The anemones, both in the polytunnel and on the field have liked the warm weather this week, so there's a lot more colour, and the stems are getting longer

Mini bunch of anemones

They'll be going in tomorrow's posies along with Hellebores, Rosemary and some great scented foliages.

On the field, we've been doing more weeding, planting new shrubs, and some shelter hedging, and pruning the roses.

Off the field, we've won a prize for this blog and being nominated as finalists in 2 business awards. Bit proud of the 3 out of 3 score for that.

Silver award

and if you really must see me out of my normal comfort zone, in a dress, not fleece, then here's the full report and pictures (i'm in part 2)

The Toast of Surrey awards, and the Eagle Biz Awards will both be judged and awarded at the end of April, - i'll let you know how i get on.


I'm off to do more planning of what seeds i'm sowing tomorrow.


Every colour flowers, and they're Green

Have you seen it? Plantpassion is mentioned in the Surrey Advertiser this morning (4th March) - it's page 11, the Toast of Surrey Business Awards, because we're a finalist in the "Green" Award.

We're a real minnow, up against some giants (one of the companies is also entered in the Turnover over £5million), so i'm hoping that doesn't go against us, because i really believe our little bit is helping out. So here's my reasons for entering.

I've based the whole ethos of the company around Sustainability. For my clients what they are interested in is Fabulous Quality, Fresh, Easily available flowers, So we are immediately helping by not having crops flown in from other parts of the world. 95% of the Cut flowers sold in the UK are imported.

Wrapped bouquet

All the flowers are sold between Guildford and Cobham, so that cuts down even further the "travel miles" but we have still made sure that our company ethos is to grow in the "greenest way possible" .

We don't have electricity at the field, so all work is done in daylight hours. We have a small polytunnel to shelter some crops, but have found methods to make sure that our field grown crops are high quality, using no dig methods.

We recycle large amounts, including Manure from local stables, Cardboard and plastic trays from local shopkeepers, Newspapers and glass jars and bottles from local householders, and compost made from recycled household green waste (progro). We use minimal plastics, including none in our Wrapping, which is done in compostable Tissue Paper, and Brown Wrapping paper. Our Flowers are delivered in vases or jars, which we encourage people to recycle with vouchers

Recycle voucher

We don't use chemicals on our flowers. Because we don't grow a monoculture of crops (with on average 10-20 crops ready at each point of the year) our field is fantastic for wildlife - some of which we have to fence out otherwise we feed them a little too well. On a summers morning when the flowers are being picked, it is to a background of skylark song, and with care not to pick a bee or squash a lace wing.

Bee on hyacinth

We are also taking care to grow the company sustainably as well, so we havn't invested large amounts in equipment yet, because we want to grow our reputation first.

We really are a "Green" Surrey company and hope to be providing flowers for many years to come.