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April seed sowing and pricking out

I'm admitting defeat.  After an hour of rearranging the greenhouse, I really can't fit any more in. There are still more seedlings to prick out, but i have no space for them to go. - From now on there will be things outside on the patio that have to come in onto  the kitchen floor if there's a risk of frost.

That's the issue, for the next couple of weeks there might be frost or their might not..... As we had snow on Wednesday and Thursday, i'm not betting against it, so although i'd love to plant out more of my seedlings, and they're ready, i've got to be patient. So i thought i'd show you at what stage i sow prick out and plant out.

My greenhouse is the heart of my operation.

I sow a lot of my seeds in window sill propagators, or seed trays like this

Seed trays

It's amazing how many seedlings you can fit in a small space to get them to germinate, - this tray proves the point.

Full of seedlings

For all varieties that don't mind a bit of root disturbance, this is a great way of seed sowing. These Ammi, Calendula, Daucus, Amaranthus, and Cosmos all have no issues, but i try and make sure that they get pricked out within 10 days of germination. This means that the roots havn't yet got tangled with the next seedling along's, and they grow away quickly in a module.

These Ammi have been left too long, - and are now to root bound to be transplanted on

Visaga seedlings overgrown

This is when they should have been moved on (Typical, i took a photo and didn't do the work!)

Visaga seedlings right stage for pricking out

If they get fresh compost and room at the right stage, they grow quickly and make strong plants very quickly.

From this to these, with a really good root system in 2 short weeks.

Antirrhinum seedlings

So i'll continue rearranging, and finding corners to put seedlings in, so that i have healthy plants with great root systems, and then as soon as we get a last frost date, They'll be a frenzy of planting out on the field.

Healthy seedlings

If you want to find me for the rest of the afternoon, - i'll be in the greenhouse.