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June 2016

British Flowers Week, Workshops, and Flowers Galore

If you hadn't  already noticed, - It's British Flowers Week here in the UK (13th-19th June 2016) . When all of a sudden  the year round banging on by yours truly is matched by some excellent articles in the National Press. For anyone that missed them,  here's the online version of the Telegraph article (by Caroline Beck of Verde Flowers) with an Emma Davies picture of my flowers (Ironically ones that were far too open for me to pick, but the bees liked them)

Telegraph article

There have also been excellent articles in the Guardian, and Garden's Illustrated Magazine is running a series of interviews with Growers on their website. So far with Sara of My Flower Patch, Gill Hodgson of Fieldhouse Flowers, and Paula Baxter of Millpond flowers. - it's rumoured it may be me featured on Sunday!

My week started on Saturday when i had 6 ladies who attended my "pick your own posy" workshop. This is the only time of the year i let others pick from my field. My staff and volunteers will tell you i watch like a hawk if i need their help, so to let people loose on my field and tell them to pick anything, is something i can only do a couple of times a year. I needn't have worried. 6 beautiful bouquets were produced, all in different shades and styles.

Pyo posy results

and then on Monday it was time for the professionals. 20 Florists from all over the South East assembled in my barn to get a Floral Headdress masterclass by Jay Archer.

Jay Archer welcome sign

Now i'm a Big Fan of Jay's. Not only is she an excellent customer ordering plenty of flowers from me, but she gives me a lots of free reign to provide her with flowers that just fit a theme. She's talented enough that she can use Whatever she gets and make it look beautiful, and she loves the fact that my flowers have movement (i do have straight stemmed flowers as well!) I've done several classes with her, and learnt so much from her experience of giving a English Garden aesthetic to coming up to 550 weddings (now that is a lot!) Last year when she was demoing to florists, she wore a floral headdress, so that's where i got the idea.

Jay demoing headdresses

Now 20 Florists in a barn full of flowers can make a lot of noise, but while Jay was showing us her special hints and tips for making the best looking headdress in town, she had everyone's rapt attention.

And then it was everyone else's turn. Field tours and headdressing were alternated, and the florists got to Use Plantpassion's finest June beauties to make their crowns.

Floral crown montage

And that was only Monday! The Field is still full of flowers, so i'll let you know what else they've been used for in a few days. (Thanks as always go to Emma Davies for the photos taken while i'm busy talking!)

if you'd like to come and support your Local grower, i am open on Saturday afternoon 12noon-4pm. The English Garden Magazine say's i'm one of 4 beautiful gardens to visit, - so it must be true...... (Tea and cake for anyone that needs more persuading)

The english garden tweet