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Meadow Style Wildflowers for DIY weddings and natural farewell flowers

All my flowers are cultivated. The field I grow on has only had cows or horses on it for many years, so the only thing that grows “wild” on it are natural grasses, ragweed and thistles.

However, I’m often asked for Wildflowers, or Meadow Style flowers for Weddings and party designs. Plus I work with my local Natural Burial ground, Clandon Wood, to make farewell tributes that work well with their natural, sustainable ethos. I’ve had to work out how I can cultivate flowers to have ready through the year to give that “wild” “just picked” look, while only picking flowers from my field, ensuring they are conditioned well so they last in displays rather than fade after a couple of hours, and not take from any local hedgerows.

Here’s what I include in my mixes.

May / June Weddings and parties include : cornflowers, phacelia, corncockle, foxgloves, grasses including briza media and maxima, orlaya, ammi, forget me not, nigella and aqueligias

here's a selection

Meadow style wildflowers montage may june

July/ August, contain achillea, ammi visnaga, ox eye daisies, oregano, fennel, poppy seedheads, scabious seedheads, feverfew, catananche, scabious, flowering mint, didiscus, daucus

Meadow style wildflowers montage july aug

September/ October, cynoglossum, dill, seedheads, verbena bonariensis, panicum grasses, scabious, sedum, cosmos, nicotiana.

Meadow style wildflowers montage September

Of course the great thing about using cultivated flowers is that you have got a wider range of colours and varieties than you'd naturally have in a wildflower meadow, It means that we can create natural looking floral displays without taking from the wild, or importing any flowers.

Here are a couple of examples

Meadow Style Autumn bouquet

Autumn meadow style bouquet

Early June, Meadow Style Farewell flowers

Meadow style farewell flowers


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