July Roundup - Hampton Court Silver, BBC Filming and flowers galore
Sowing Hardy Annuals to get a jump start on next year.

Florists Dahlia Day. Picking, Styling and Photography at the flower field

As i sit here writing this, the rain is pouring down, but we had a great morning for a workshop this Monday morning.

Our Dahlia Day workshop started with a talk about the different shapes of Dahlias, and which ones we've found here at Plantpassion work well and last longest as Cut Flowers.

Claire on the field with florists

When i'd finished showing all the varieties we've got, so that we have flowers right through from the palest whites, to the darkest maroon, It was the florists turn to pick and fill a bucket to make their arrangements. Several exclamations of "kid in a sweetie shop" and "too much choice" later, they were all quite happily cutting dahlias and other goodies from the field.

Florists picking

After a happy picking season and more Coffee and Cake (recipes for Orange Polenta biscuits and Apple, Date and Walnut muffins going out with the feedback forms) The Dahlias, plus lots of Amaranthus, Cosmos, Sedum, Ageratum, Seedheads and Foliage were made into wonderful creations. There were all sizes of vases and vessels, and Vanessa Birley was on hand to help with those not so sure about using Chicken Wire to support the displays, and to add extra touches on the styling front.

Then it was Emma Davies turn to give hints and tips to ensure that not only were the displays excellent, but the photos for portfolios looked great as well.

Emma explained the basics of Light, Background and Viewpoint, and then as the light was on our side (high clouds, but good light levels) We were able to take pictures both in the barn, on the field and in our Polytunnel studio.

Emma showing viewpoint changes

Here's some of the amazing creations that were made today. Well done Emma, Frances, Suzie, Mary, Nicola and Seana it was lovely seeing my Dahlias made into such lovely displays.

Emma A display

Nicola vase display

Seana Jug display

Frances Grasses and Cafe au lait

Mary amaranthus vase

Vanessa silver vase

If you'd like portfolio worthy pictures made with British Flowers, please do let me know and i'll keep you informed of our next collaborations.





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