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A book about British Flowers for florists

One of the most frequent questions that i'm asked is.

"what will be flowering in pink in June?"

closely followed by

"when will Dahlias be flowering?"

Pink in June

(Pink in June suggestions - Campanula, Sweet Pea Opal, Digitalis Excelsior, Rosa Eglantine, Paony (unknown variety propagated from my garden) or Sweet Williams, Nigella, Cornflowers, and Iceland poppies.

If you replace the pink and June with other colours/ shades and months, Or replace the word Dahlia with any other flower name, you get the majority of the questions that I'm asked by florists. It's not that they haven't bothered finding out, there isn't currently any one document or book that tells florists when the natural flowering time for each variety of British Grown Cut flower is.

So i've written one.

Well if i'm being accurate, i've been helped by Vanessa Birley and Emma Davies to get to the point where we have a huge amount of written material and photos ready to be published. The next part to get to the point where we have a physical book in our hands is going to take a bit longer, but those Questions still exist, so as well as the book we've set up a blog.


As well as information about the flowers that are available all through the year grown by commercial and artisan growers all over the UK, we'll have interviews with Growers, and Florists who regularly use British Flowers. 

We've been lucky enough to work with some amazing florists during the last year to create Photo shoots to show off the best of British throughout  the season, and the blog will enable us to show you the behind the scenes shots from the shoots as well as the beautiful displays that they created in different styles.

Every single flower photo and display in the book has been created with Only British Grown Flowers, the majority of them grown at Hill top farm in Surrey. 

I could go on an on about the book, as it is my baby that i've spent plenty of late nights and early mornings on, but not all of you that read this blog are florists or floral arrangers, which is who the book is mainly aimed at. So i'm going to make sure that this blog continues giving you information about what i'm doing at the farm, and the flowers that are my favourites, and how i grow them.

If you are interested in a comprehensive guide of the flowers, fillers and foliage that are available each month grown in the UK, and want to know more about when the book will be published, please do bookmark the blog, and sign up so we can let you know our progress. (email will ONLY be used for information about The British Flowers book)

PS my first Dahlia sales date to Florists was really early in 2016 on the 21st July.



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Gill Hodgson

I knew that Claire was busy working on a big project and I'm delighted that it's getting close to fruition. I'll be first in line to buy the book even though I'm a flower farmer myself: it's not just florists who will find this book useful.

Annie Jenkins

What a fab idea. As I do a bit of both (growing and arranging) I shall be grabbing one as soon it hits the shelves

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