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January 2017

February 2017

What British Flowers are available in February

It's just 10 days until Valentine's day. It's been a cold January here in Surrey. Things aren't nearly as advanced as last year, so there won't be any locally grown flowers for my February offerings, right. - WRONG

Actually some of the winter beauties are holding out better because of the cold weather. Plus my narcissus that should have been flowering at Christmas are just coming out and will be great for the end of next week. So what will be around?

Valentine flowers montage

Well from my Sussex supplier there will be lovely Alstroemerias, and i'll have lots of bright coloured tulips from Lincolnshire. From my window sill and greenhouse there will be Amaryllis and a few Anemones, and those polytunnel Paperwhite Narcissus will be backed up with some scented beauties from Cornwall. 

The field is just waking up, and the Hellebores and Snowdrops are first to get out of bed. They'll all be added to Rosemary, Cornus, Pittosporum, Eucalyptus, Senecio ( those the deer haven't found!) Skimmia, Sarcococca (hidden behind the polytunnel )  and some foraged curly willow (thank you lovely Horsley neighbours for thinking of me when things need pruning, anyone got a Viburnum that needs a trim, i've pillaged all of mine?)

Valentine foliage

All of this will mean that although there won't be any Red roses in my offering, there will be plenty of flowers, and every bouquet will be unique.

Here's what i've created in previous years.

Valentine montage

So there are British Flowers in February. If you're in Surrey and you'd like some for your loved one, or another of Plantpassion's thoughtful "no price rise" gifts, please look for more details and prices on the website here.

If  you're further afield, the lovely "Pumpkin Beth" has written an article about who's selling British Flowers throughout the UK