Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 2011

it's the middle of the month already, so it must be time for a detailed look at what's flowering in my garden. Thanks to Carole at May Dream Gardens for this chance to have a look round the world at some July Blooms.

Most of my roses are through their first flush of flowers, - but this Rosa Surrey ground cover rose is in partial shade and is still looking lovely.

I'm very pleased that my eryngium is seeding itself round the garden, This particular bloom is from a plant in the paving next to the border.

My scented phlox and lily combination is fading fast because of the heat, but I was actually amazed that the lily had 3 big blooms bearing in mind it has been eaten by lily beetles all season. The clematis is Princess Diana.

it's not all pinks and pastels in my garden at this time, - I love this Mondarda, Helenium combination, and my geranium Rozanne is adding in a vibrant purple blue to this border as well.

My foliage bed has shone this season, with the Hosta's benifitting from very few slugs, and the flowers are now giving a display as well.

and looking closely at the beds has shown me that these have come out in the last couple of days - Cyclamen Hederifolium

I've also got Calendula, Verbena bonariensis, Sunflowers, Verbascum, Hydrangeas, Helianthus, Erigeron karvinskianus, Achillea ptarmica the pearl, and Aster frikatii monch flowering.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2011

The middle of May, and we are still very short of water here in Surrey. We did have one day of rain last week, but my soil is parched.

The warm and dry conditions have meant that most plants are over sooner than last year, - last year on GBBD I still had Tulips, Iris, Dicentra, Camassia's and Blueberries flowering, - this year in their place I have

Aqueligias, Roses and Erigeron.

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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day March 2011

Spring is here in Southern England, and the county of Surrey has blooms popping out all over the place. It's a lot sooner than last year, - about 2 weeks for a lot of things, - in 2010 for the March GBBD, I had very little in bloom in my garden.

This year, i've even got my early tulips coming out


last year I only had 3 tete a tete narcissus, - 2011, has them all in full bloom


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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 2011

last month, my garden was under snow, and this time last year the snow was just clearing, so i'm hoping that winter's come early, and we are now on our way into spring.

These Cyclamen certainly want to be up and at them

Cyclamen Coum were on one of my first college plant idents, and I' ve always wanted a border with a whole swathe of them.  I ignored my own advice, and planted these as bulbs rather than "in the green", but now in their second year, they are starting to spread out.

I split several of my clumps of snow drops last year, and these have thankfully grown back very strongly


One of these group of Sarcoccoca confusa was my first moving in present, - and these are now looking very happy and growing into a lovely group in my shady driveway border.

This is all i've got flowering outside, but my neglected houseplants are flowering


Schlumbergera (christmas cacti) and



Thanks as always to Carol at May Dream Gardens, for hosting the Bloom Day posts, and for making me get out into my garden on the 15th of every month and make a record of what's flowering.

Birthday bloomday post November 2010

I've been really lax about showing you what's flowering in my garden over the last couple of months, - I've even taken photos a couple of times, but never got round to posting them, so here in are my bloom day posts for today

The Nerines are star of the show, - I said I was going to add more last year, and in February when the bulbs are available, I forget, - I will this year, as I want extra displays of this lovely late bulb.

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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, flowering in my garden July 10

I've been looking forward to July, to see the full year of bloom days in my garden, and now it's here, I almost forgot. - Thanks to Carol for hosting as ever. - A great show of flowers from all around the world, as usual i've loved seeing what everyone has to offer, especially as it's so different from me, even those fairly close by

we've had a lot of drought in England Surrey, - and although there was heavy rain last night, - my water butt's didn't fill all the way to the top.

My free draining soil has meant there have been casualties, - the Erigeron isn't doing as well as usual, and Astrantias have suffered, but here are my beauties.

much maligned Alchemilla, - but mine have looked fab all through the dry weather, and the purple sedem behind frames them beautifully.

my shady (read lots of tree roots, and leaves falling) border was hard hit this season with the ferns giving up the ghost, but the hostas, have hardly any slug holes and are now flowering their socks off.

and even those chosen for foliage not flowers have been taking part, - here ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens.

my vergeside wildflowers havn't liked the weather this year, - but this helenium and verbena have loved it (sorry wind blowing, and couldn't get a still picture)

This eryngium is going from strength to strength, and I now have loads of seedlings to plant out, - anyone know if they come true?

I am a Hydrangea fan, but I know they take years to grow to full size, - these are mine trying there best in their 2nd seasons

Hydrangea Quercifolia

Lacecap Hydrangea in the shade, - gets all my washing up bowl throw outs!

i've never been fond of lilies as they create hayfever hate in this household, - but having them outside the front door really helps, - a scent of perfume without the overpowering smell. The phlox in the background have been transplanted from the back where they do really poorly because of dry soil, to here where they are thriving.

And although most of my back garden is devoted to fruit and vegetables ( and childrens play space) I do like my companion planting in my veg patch. -Sweet pea Matucana and Calendula .

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, flowering in my garden June 10

Wow, I almost missed this bloom day, I've been so busy gardening for clients today, - but at this time of year the daylight is almost still with us (after 9pm as I write) so I popped out this evening to catch what's blooming in my garden.

Just to warn you that the photos aren't up to standard, as my Nikon D50 is on it's way out, and is stuck in automatic mode. - My spanking new upgrade to a D90 is winging its way to me by citylink as I write.

i'll start this month off with Roses. I inherited all but one of these when I arrived in this garden, so I don't know their names, - any ideas please let me know.

i'm now on Season 3 in this garden, and this winter I got the roses back into proper shape with some nifty pruning in between the snow, - and they are rewarding me fantastically.

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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, flowering in my garden May 10

it's the 15th May, and it's time for my regular update of what's flowering in my garden, and if you go on over to Carol's May Dream Garden's you can find out what's flowering all over the world.

The last couple of weeks have been cold and dry, so there are still Tulips showing, with the Alliums just starting to come out



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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, flowering in my garden April 10

What a difference a month makes....

Last month, we'd only just got the first of the daffodils, probably about 3-4 weeks later than normal, now, all the spring plants are flowering, and the trees are budding, and it finally feels like spring

My Magnolia Soulangeana is doing its 2 weeks of thing, for the year, - we'll spend the rest of the year raking up the leaves and debris it leaves on the lawn.


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Flowering in March, - Garden Bloggers Bloom day

It's the middle of March, - but here in Surrey although the sun has finally come out, there are very few plants that think it's spring. Looking through the list of Garden Bloggers on the May Dream Gardens website, my flowers in bloom are more like Zone 5 or 6 rather than the zone 9 which we would normally be equivalent too. Lets hope for more sun this week.

Last month, the only thing flowering in the whole garden was the Sarcococca and the Snowdrops


The Sarcococca is still giving whiffs of fragrance, but now there are a few tiny colourful flowers joining them.

There are crocus on the verge out side the gates, - Not as many as I think i've planted, - so will need to add to those in Autumn.

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